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How am I doing with Vriska? Is there something you like about how I'm playing her? Let me know! How about something I can improve on to play her better? I'd love to hear what you have to say!

Just drop me a note here if you have something you'd like to say about my characterization!
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Vriska types in 8lue and likes to replace all of her 'b's with the num8er '8'.
She also likes to replace all 'ate' sounds with the num8er '8'. Like this in manipul8.
She likes to elong8 some woooooooords to 8e dramatic!!!!!!!! And when she's doing that, there will usually 8e eight of the drawn out letter. 8ut sometimes she uses eight punctu8tion marks instead to show how dramatic it is.
Her emoticons will always have eight eyes like this ::::) or 8888)
When she's upset she t8nds to repl8ce a l8t of v8wels w8th the num8er '8', like this!

Don't like Vriska's quirk? Don't like her colored text? Please just let me know here if you'd like me to drop the quirk and/or color with you! No hard feelings on my end, I'm willing to accommodate to make this a great playing experience for everyone involved.

If you do still want text, but without the color and/or quirk, please assume that she's still using it. It would be ooc of her not to do so.

So just fill out this form here if you'd like to be tagged by Vriska but would prefer to not have the colored text, the quirk, or both. If you'd rather she just respond with voice or video and not text, that's fine too! Just mention that in your comment.

This post is screened!
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You've reached Vriska Serket!
I'm obviously way too busy to waste my time with answering you, so feel free to leave a message!
If I'm feeling gracious, I might get back to you.

[let me know in the subject if it's ooc or ic!]
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Okay, so Vriska is psychic! She's all about the mind control, well not really all about it, but she does like using it to get her way. And that leads me to this wonderful post.


Don't want Vriska mind controlling your characters? Or just don't want her mind controlling them too much? That's a-okay with me! Just let me know here so that I can know in advance! I'll be sure to always ask in threads (if it comes up) if you don't feel like posting here, though. I don't want to step on any toes. But if you'd like to take the time to post here to let me know if it's okay or not, that would be an awesome help!

Just fill out the form below!

=>character lj;
=>mind control?; y/n
=>to what extent?; [can she make your character fall asleep? can she make them walk around? does she have all the control? just let me know to what extent she can control them if you said yes to mind control!]


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